Richard Herring’s Guide to the Future


Richard Herring is a standup comedian and writer. He’s penned several books and has a regular column in the Metro. At least 10 of his live shows are available on DVD. He is the host of the comedy podcast RHLSTP. @Herring1967


Comedian Richard Herring is the king of crowd-funding these days. He takes to Twitter to solicit the help of his followers who can afford to pay for content in order to make his web shows and podcasts available for free. His new method for raising money for six episodes of the standup/sketch show As It Occurs to Me (AIOTM!) is to tweet some history tidbit about the year that shares the digits with how many pledgers he currently has on kickstarter. His historical nuggets range from the Great Hakodate Fire killing more than two thousand people in 1934 to This Morning with Richard Not Judy being “incorrectly” commissioned in 1998. But that’s not all! Once he passed 2016 pledgers on March 30th, he began to record the future. Herring’s insights into the future range from copy/paste off sci-fi Wikipedia entries to silly commentary. Don’t worry, you still have days to pledge. I’ve donated, so if you can afford it, jump on the bandwagon.

  • 2036 State funeral of Planet Trump (formerly earth) overlord, God-King Donald Trump
  • Oh yes, obviously I die on a weekly basis in my job, But 2096 is the actual final one. At least my brain inside the robot version of me dies
  • 2098 they finally invent the realistic Gemma Chan Robot, just 2 years too late for me. Gosh darn
  • 2099, 100 year anniversary of the loss of Moon Base Alpha (oh and the moon) Sad day. We miss Barry Morse
  • 2099 100-year lease on toll Highway 407 in Ontario, Canada ends+full control of electronic toll expressway returns to Government of Ontario.
  • 2100 loads of your grandchildren celebrate the new millennium. Incorrectly as that starts next year. Your grandchildren are fucking idiots.
  • 2101 my grandchild celebrates the start of the new millennium and even though she’s correct, everyone call her a tool, just like her grandad
  • 2136: Halley’s comet will be at perihelion.
  • 2139 People in Ottawa will be reminiscing about the time capsule from 1982 that was opened on Rideau St seven years earlier
  • June 19, 2141: Long-duration lunar eclipse of about 106.1 minutes
  • DTA 2145 is bi-directional dual ports ASI/SDI adapter, with genlock+ watchdog-controlled input-to-output relais for redundant configuration
  • NGC 2146 is a barred spiral galaxy type SB(s)ab pec in constellation Camelopardalis.The galaxy was discovered in 1876 by Friedrich Winnecke.
  • The events of Captain Power occur in the year 2147
  • The flashback scenes in Avatar occur in 2148
  • The events of the Captain Video begin in the year 2149.
  • The film Daleks – Invasion Earth: 2150 A.D. was set in the year 2150
  • In 2151 The first starship capable of reaching Warp 5 is launched from Earth
  • Avatar, the Video game, takes place in 2152. Even though neither the main action or the flashbacks in the film don’t. Video game fuckwits.
  • The High Fructose Adventures of Annoying Orange episode “Fruiturama” Is set in the year 2153 and clearly copied off the Curious Orange
  • Avatar, is set in May through August 2154, although flashback scenes in the opening are set in 2148 and the video game takes place in 2152
  • Star Control II: The Ur-Quan Masters begins on February 17, 2155 and ends in (you’ll find out soon)
  • The Earth-Romulan War is fought between 2156 and you’ll find out soon
  • In Babylon 5, the Foundationism religion was started in the year 2157 and Psi Corps was founded on April 12, you’ll find out soon
  • The Futurama Central Bureaucracy was established in 2158
  • Solar Striker, a scrolling shooter for the Game Boy is set in the year 2159.
  • 2160 was the end of the Romulan Wars and that other thing. Also Wipeout Fusion took place
  • 2161 Psicorps was founded and the Enterprise was decommissioned

and finally,

2016 As It Occurs to me fails to get made by 1p


jaimepond-elloJaime Pond is the editor of She has donated “about 33 USD” to AIOTM. She lives and works in NYC. Follow her on Twitter.

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