62793_frontWhen small town boy Tristan Thorne crosses a poorly guarded country wall, he discovers that his biggest dreams didn’t come close to those of his parents, who knew of a magical world just beyond the town’s fringe. Searching for a fallen star, Tristan becomes ensnared in a wicked plot concocted by youth-seeking witches. Can he get his prisoner–the fallen star, played by Claire Danes–to the town before the witches take her, and…wait a minute…should our hero be kidnapping someone in the first place, even if it is to win the heart of the fairest lady in his country bumpkin land? Oh, what a dilemma!

Watch Tristan grow from a shallow, pig-headed, sheltered young man to a princely hero, full of morality and spirit. This epic adventure takes us on board a flying pirate ship, where we meet the cross-dressing captain, played by Robert De Niro. We meet the ghosts of squabbling princes (Mark Strong, Mark Heap, Rupert Everett, Jason Flemyng, David Wallliams, Julian Rhind-Tutt, and Adam Buxton…wow!) and witness hilarious voodoo (did you know there was such a thing?). Ricky Gervais grows the voice of a chicken and Mark Williams turns into a goat. Need I say more? Oh, but there’s heart-warming stuff, too. Kate Magowan plays Tristan’s long-lost mother, who’s been enslaved by a peddler witch. What a reunion! Meanwhile the three witches (Michelle Pfeiffer, Sarah Alexander, and Joanna Scanlan) are getting older and older. If they don’t cut out the star’s heart soon, they will wither into *gasp* old age.



Neil Gaiman is the author of many short stories and novels, from the fantastical to the spooky. His books, like Stardust and  MirrorMask, have been adapted for film, and books like American Gods adapted for TV. @neilhimself


This film is based on the book by Neil Gaiman. It’s not exactly the same, but it’s pretty close. Click on the book cover to buy from Powells and help support Anglonerd at no additional cost:

jaimepond-elloJaime Pond is the editor of Anglonerd. She lives and works in NYC. Stardust is one of the few films she enjoyed more than the book, even if it is a bit Hollywood-cheesy. Jaime rand into Charlie Cox a few years ago at an awards ceremony in New York and told him that she enjoyed his work in this film. Follow Jaime on Twitter.



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