91uKiLJ5dAL._SY606_At the first sight of blood spurting from the tire-tread neck of the litterer her new boyfriend ran over with his RV, Tina should have foreseen that her camping trip with Chris would be fraught with one bloody calamity after the other. But we forgive her oversight because she’s been scarred by her mum calling her a murderer every day for the last year ever since the accidental death of her dog, Poppy. So, we forgive her again when she steals the dog of a man Chris pushed off a mountain. And when she lets Chris beat a man to death with a big stick after he chastised her for not picking up Banjo (aka Poppy Mark II) poop. And when she goes to a movie alone with a giant plastic pencil she got at the pencil museum. And when she pushes a bride-to-be off a cliff after she snogged Chris at her bachelorette party. And when she runs over a jogger with the car. And when she pushes Chris’ new business partner down a jagged rockface. Come to think of it, this whole accidentally killing her dog thing may have upset her more than we first realized.

Netflix calls Sightseers a dark comedy, and while it is funny in a subtle way, don’t expect the screwball hijinks you find in other dark comedies like Death at a FuneralThis one’s much more disturbing. But if you’re looking for quirky, we’ve found the quirkiest, here at the roadside attraction tour from Hell.

Jaime Pond is the editor of She lives and works in NYC. Follow her on Twitter.
Originally posted March 26, 2014

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