Hyperdrive: Where are they now?

s-l1000Hyperdrive is a sci-fi comedy television show now more than ten years old. Let’s have a look at what the stars of Hyperdrive have been up to this past decade and where they are today.

Nick Frost

frostNick Frost played Commander Michael Henderson (presumably named after the show’s director), a child-hearted man of heroic ambition whose passionate morality speeches were subpar in content but were effective nevertheless.

Since HyperdriveNick Frost has written and starred in the salsa dancing feel-good film Cuban Fury. Edgar Wright’s third Cornetto film (The World’s End) came out, casting Frost as one of the five central characters alongside longtime collaborator Simon Pegg, with whom he wrote and starred in the 2011 alien flick Paul. He starred in the TV drama series Mr. SloaneHe also had substantial roles in Pirate Radio, Joe Cornish’s Attack the Blockand he played Santa Claus in the 2014 Christmas special of Doctor Who. His memoir Truths, Half Truths and Little White Lies came out this past October and is available in print and as audio. Basically, Mr. Frost is doin’ all right for himself!

Miranda Hart

hartMiranda Hart played third in command, Chloe Teal, who was not-so-secretly in love with the commander, used chocolate as a weapon, and reveled in a holiday surrounding the joys of shoes. You know, because she’s the girl. The almost double-act nature of Frost and Hart’s chemistry gave the show an enormous advantage.

Since HyperdriveMiranda Hart has broken into Hollywood with the Melissa McCarthy comedy film Spy. Before that, she was a series regular in Lee Mack’s sitcom Not Going Out, playing Barbara the incompetent cleaning lady. She left the show to do her own much-loved sitcom, Miranda, based a bit on her life. The show ran 20 episodes before reaching a natural ending. She wrote her memoir, Is It Just Me?, which is available in print and as audio. Lately, she has been co-starring on Call the Midwife, a TV drama that takes place in the 50s. She recently liquidized one of her companies, making three million pounds. Not bad!

Kevin Eldon

eldonKevin Eldon played first officer Eduardo York, a man you’d think was a psychopath bent on killing until you learn he just had an overbearing mother, and he’s also in mutual love with the semi-cyborg ship pilot Sandstrom. The biggest regret of the series is that we never see that relationship realized.

According to IMDB, since the first episode of HyperdriveKevin Eldon has appeared in no less than 58 television shows and films. We don’t exaggerate when we frequently claim Kevin Eldon is in everything. He’s recently taken the voice acting role of Penfold, Danger Mouse‘s sidekick, alongside Alexander Armstrong. His standup DVD Kevin Eldon is Titting About came out in 2011 from Go Faster Stripe. In 2013, Eldon was finally given his own TV series, a six-episode sketch show called It’s Kevinwhich surprisingly didn’t receive as much love from fans as he receives from his bit parts and cameos, such as in Cuban Fury or Mr. Sloane. In 2014, his fictional biography My Prefect Cousin was published by Faber & Faber. Next, Eldon played the new Sean Bean character in Game of Thrones May 2016.

Dan Antopolski

Dan Antopolski plays rebellious hippie tech guy Jeffers, whose errant behavior includes taking the ship out for some drag racing across the stars and (accidentally) forming a sit-in to rebel against York when he temporarily becomes commander.

You can’t really get by being a British comedy fan without hearing stories of standup comic Dan Antopolski, whether it’s sharing a stage with Lee Mack and Catherine Tate or it’s the famous bacon towel story of the Fringe. While Antopolski has done some television, most of his activities do not appear on things like IMDB. He’s been participating in the Edinburgh Fringe and comedy radio, such as his surreal sketch show with Tom Craine and Nat Luurtsema, Jigsaw.

Paterson Joseph

patersonPaterson Joseph plays Space Marshall Clarke, who we only see in person once, as usually he makes his presence known via video linkup. He is often interrupted by co-workers, making it clear the sort of high life he leads (one of birthday parties and royal dinners) away from the grit the Camden Lock crew deal with.

Since 2006, Paterson Joseph has been a series regular on That Mitchell and Webb Look, Peep Show, Survivors, Law & Order UK, Boy Meets Girl, even America’s The LeftoversHe has also been touring with the one-man show he’s written, titled Sancho. He has done many Shakespeare plays, such as Julius Caesar in the role of Brutus in 2011.



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