An Hour and Some of Tony Law

51thi0codol-_sy300_An Hour and Some of Tony Law is UK-based Canadian comedian Tony Law’s 2008 standup DVD. If you’ve never owned a strawberry-scented DVD before, then…buying this DVD is not going to help you. It claims a strawberry fragrance but kind of smells like ass. Luckily, the content of the disc is still worth the purchase. Tony–or “Tone” as he calls himself–starts off intentionally rocky. While some comedians, such as Stewart Lee, indulge in the thrill of winning back the audience after intentionally losing them halfway through, Tony Law starts off badly, diagnoses the problem by voicing the concerns of the audience who he has not gotten on board yet, and swings into his more surreal material. If you like what Eddie Izzard does with surreal, sketch-like scenarios, you’ll love Tony’s work on time traveling dogs and having a black bear with skateboards for hands as a flatmate. You couldn’t have imagined these stories yourself, no matter how high you got.

Law also revels in mocking the mainstream comedy style, much of which is making racist remarks. Tony’s remarks about people from other countries have the same tone as mainstream but are either harmless observations or completely made up (i.e. Belgians are smooth and shiny). His mockery of bad accents that comedians do when talking about people from other cultures is also amusing, especially the Yorkshire one.

If you’ve never seen Tony’s stuff before, I’d recommend you start with the later stuff, like Go Mr. Tony Go!which seems to be more “in character,” but perhaps it is just the clean-cut look that Tony is sporting in An Hour and Some that throws me. These are the days before he’s discovered the wonders of facial hair, bandannas, and suspenders. The content is slightly less meta but just as insanely irrelevant to everyday life. Not my favorite Tony Law show, but definitely worth a look if you enjoyed his other stuff. It’s available for 12 pounds on Go Faster Stripe, is region 0, and includes nearly an hour of bonus material.

Jaime Pond is the editor of Anglonerd. She lives and works in NYC. Follow her on Twitter.
Originally posted Feb. 17, 2016

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