Outside the Box, Norman Lovett

normanlovettNow, I’m familiar with Lovett as an actor in Red Dwarf, but hadn’t seen his standup. It’s kind of what you expect and then some. He takes his time, speaking slowly, pausing, interrupting his stories to talk to the audience, but always without forgetting exactly where he left off. Sometimes it seems he’s forgotten he’s on stage and he’s just having a relaxed chat with someone. The content of the show is often so very simple, but it’s the confidence that allows him to pull it off. He brings props on stage, things he’s stolen from greenrooms to show off, like a screw or a trash bag. You have no idea why this should be funny, but it’s the fact that he’s bothered with it that makes it hilarious. He brings a pooper scooper on stage and discusses his dog making a poo. And then wears it as a hat. In fact, many of his props he finds ways to wear on his head. It is a unique comedy set, but you will find the sincerity at which he presents his ideas funny and endearing.

Outside the Box is available for download or as a physical DVD from GoFasterStripe.com. There are 44 minutes of extras on the DVD, but because I bought the download version, I have no review of that for you. The DVD is region 0, should it should work anywhere it the world.

jaimepond-elloJaime Pond is the editor of Anglonerd.com. Outside the Box was the second show she bought from Go Faster Stripe. She lives and works in NYC. Follow her on Twitter.


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