Andrew Scott, People You Should Know

Andrew Scott won a BAFTA for his portrayal of arch nemesis Jim Moriarty in BBC’s Sherlock. I don’t think it was an obvious casting choice, and in series 1, I don’t think that people realized just how incredible he would be. In series 1, Moriarty is mostly just a name until the final episode where we start to get a little taste of his cartoonishness so absurd, he’s unpredictable and therefor terrifying. However, by the end of his first scene in “The Reichenbach Fall,” he had me convinced he was going to be one of my all time favorite bad guys, and with a marvelous Richard Brook performance, he did not disappoint. Let’s have a look at some great roles from Andrew Scott, some more common than others.


Nerd Role

Jim Moriarty – Sherlock (2010-2012)

andrewscott2Some really great layering in the scene above. You’ve got actor Andrew Scott pretending to be evil mastermind Jim Moriarty pretending to be gay IT guy Jim pretending to be straight in front of Molly. No wonder Sherlock didn’t catch on. There’s another great scene in “The Reichenbach Fall” where Moriarty plays a convincing kids TV actor named Richard Brook. His ability to be calculating to a tee but to go ballistic at the drop of a hat make him an enigma.

Short Role

Jake – Silent Things (2010)

In the short film (which you can watch in its entirety above), Andrew Scott plays a kite flyer with Asperger Syndrome whose life and friendship with Charlotte is thrown for a loop when a run-away shows up on the beach and brings him into her world. It’s a fantastic short film worth a couple of watches. Won a bunch of awards, too.

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Short Role

Alex: Sea Wall (2012)

Another short film, this one available for purchase or rent from (a seven dollars well spent). Despite one hidden cut to switch film reels, the movie is done in a oner, just Andrew speaking to the camera, recounting a tragic story and how it upturned his life. I’ve written an article about how it was so emotionally intense to watch, I almost don’t want to watch it again because I don’t want to ruin the complexity of emotion that I experienced the first time. It was also adapted as a stage play.

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Spit Take Role

Jones – My Life in Film (2004)


Andrew Scott plays opposite Kris Marshall in this comedy parody series that mirrors a different famous film in each episode, including Rear Window, The Shining, Top Gun, and Shallow Grave. Jones struggles to keep the balance between maintaining a friendship with his self-centered artsy roommate and the new relationship with his girlfriend. Shows off his talent with comedy.

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Darkest Role

Thomas McCann – Dead Bodies (2003)

71SWRfuXlOL._SX342_Not the greatest movie of all time, but maybe worth a look. Andrew Scott’s character accidentally kills his girlfriend and spends the rest of the film, trying not to let anyone find out, but winds up getting framed for an additional murder. One of Scott’s creepier roles, for sure. Some great scenes and witty one-liners.

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Popstar Role

Paul McCartney – Lennon Naked (2010)

mv5bnzqxmdc5odyyml5bml5banbnxkftztcwnda3njyxna-_v1_sy317_cr70214317_al_This is the bio pic about John Lennon meeting Yoko Ono and his relationship to his son. It doesn’t put Lennon in a great light. The other Beatles aren’t in it very much, but Andrew Scott plays an eerily perfect Paul McCartney.

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