Dara O Briain Talks Funny, Live in London

You will enjoy this standup DVD. Dara O Briain is an Irish comedian who is not only a marvelous storyteller, but also excels in crowd work. At different points during Dara O Briain Talks Funny (2008), he asks the occupation (or other questions) of various people in the front rows. He is quick to riff off their career choices, and sometimes their ineptitude, but he also has a reliable memory and wraps the whole show in a neat little bow by replacing his acknowledgments section with thanking the truck driving, cobbler, oil miner, etc. in the front row for all their vital careers have brought to the evening. Dara is not a surreal comedian, but some of his stories sound almost too good to be true!

Dara O Briain Talks Funny is available on DVD (region 2) and as audio from Audible.



Dara O Briain is an Irish standup comic and TV presenter. He presents Robot Wars, Stargazing Live, and Mock the Week. He holds degrees in math and physics. Once he did a travel documentary through the Americas with Ed Byrne. @daraobriain



Here are some highlights…


Don’t go to a nutritionist. Go to a dietitian. “Dietitian is like dentist. Nutritionist is like toothiologist.”

Dara’s version of A Sound of Thunder

Go back in time and sneeze on a pterodactyl or step on something.

Dara’s favorite lap dance club name

“Mixed Emotions” in New York

Choose Your Own Adventure

Dara asks the audience for things you wouldn’t want to have happened in a house you’re about to buy. He then takes those things (fire, flood, murder, ghosts, and skid marks in the toilet) and makes them part of his narrative of him shopping for a house with his wife.


is like having your own butler. Facebook emails him to tell him John has a message for him, and he tells Facebook he doesn’t have time to read it right now.


“Science knows it doesn’t know everything. Otherwise, it would stop.” (Dara studied theoretical physics at university.)

Best hotel story

I know that chamber maids, often on cruises, will make little origami elephants and stuff out of the towels, but I’ve never heard of them doing it out of the guests’ intimate items. Dara once stayed in an event coordinator’s room for a couple of hours before the gig, and discovered that the turn down service had made a swan out of the woman’s knickers. Naturally, he assumed that she would think he had done this and tried to rectify things.


Jaime Pond is the editor of Anglonerd. She lives and works in NYC. Follow her on Twitter.
Originally posted March 17, 2015

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