Going Out Live

51TTIqXID4L._SY300_Lee Mack’s Going Out Live is available on DVD for region 2 or region-free DVD players. It’s also on the interwebs. Or you could just get it on audio, but you’ll miss the dancing.

You don’t always get a lot of interaction between comic and audience in the big shows. I mean the really big arenas, a packed show, like Lee Mack at Hammersmith in Going Out LiveBut when the show opens with Mack taking two boys from the audience, chaining them into a magician’s chest, and shoving them off stage right (he did say “No kids”), you know there’s going to be a fair amount of audience play.



Lee Mack is a standup comedian. He is the creator and star of the sitcom Not Going Out. Several of his standup shows are available on DVD. He is a team captain on Would I Lie to You?He is the author of Mack the Life@leemack


Rule 1 in going to a Lee Mack show

Don’t look like a pedophile. Before long, Mack chooses his target and the man in the audience gets a little jab every time pedophiles are mentioned, and considering there’s an entire bit on how he loves Michael Jackson (who he was looking up on his wikipedophile page), there are many. (If you’ve enjoyed Mack’s river dancing in past shows, just wait until you see him moon walk! Much better than Jon Richardson’s moonwalk, gotta say.) Poor Dan.

Rule 2 in going to a Lee Mack show

Do not to get up to leave, and if you do, certainly do not come back. Not if you’re going to be as slow to find your seat as a builder.

Rule 3 in going to a Lee Mack Show

Do not try to commit a crime on a TV special. You have to see it to believe it, but right at the end, a woman in the audience gets out of her chair, goes to the edge of the stage where Lee’s put his suit jacket, and tries to walk off with it. Mack flips out on her.

Unusual for a huge show like this, Mack takes a Q&A at the end. Unfortunately for anyone who was hoping for some insight into his comedy career or methods, every single question was absolute nonsense:

Can I have your shoe?

We’re sad you didn’t talk about your dead nan!
Knock knock, who’s there? My dead nan.

Is genocide funny?

At this point, Mack is concerned about going back to his hotel, because he has visions of people climbing up to his window asking for his shoes, his jacket, and an answer to as whether genocide is funny.


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