Gavin & Stacey

81MN9sz40pL._SL1500_Gavin & Stacey (2007-2010) is a rom-com sitcom starring Joanna Page and Mathew Horne, created by Ruth Jones and James Corden. There have been three seasons, totaling 20 episodes. Season 1 is on Netflix discs. All 3 seasons are on Google Play for $2/episode and on iTunes in both SD ($2/ep) and HD ($3/ep). The DVDs are available in both region 1/NTSC and region 2/PAL. Amazon Instant also has both SD and HD versions of all 3 seasons for the same prices as iTunes.



Ruth Jones is an actress and writer from Wales. She is the co-creator of Gavin & Stacey. She appears in other television shows like Julia Davis’ Nighty Night and Stella.


Gavin and Stacey are sweet. In fact, Stacey’s so sweet, she’s been engaged five times (but don’t tell Gavin). They’re two young people working for the same company but different branches–Essex and Cardiff. They’re both innocent romantics, living at home with their parents, playing everything by the book. They talk for months on the phone (during whispered work hours, usually) and finally decide to meet. Without an edgy bone in their bodies, they both decide to take along a best mate as insurance. The friends, Nessa and Smithy, played by show creators Ruth Jones and James Corden, are hoping to hit it off with each other, too. For Gavin and Stacey, meeting is love at first sight, all the fairy tales and songs are true. For Nessa and Smithy…well, they couldn’t be more repulsed by each other, but wind up shagging every time they run across each other. By the end of the season, spanning just a couple months, Gavin and Stacey are happily married, and Nessa is carrying Smithy’s baby.



James Corden is an actor and writer. He is the co-creator of Gavin & Stacey and of The Wrong Mans. He is the author of May I Have Your Attention, Please. He is currently hosting The Late Late Show on American TV. @jkcorden


Stars Joanna Page and Mathew Horne are backed by a wonderful support cast playing the families. Gavin has two happily married, if not high-strung, parents played by Alison Steadman and Larry Lamb. His mother is constantly trying to make the family look more respectable: getting her husband to do the housework and buy last minute groceries, and making up a lie that she’s vegetarian on the off-chance that Stacey’s family is vegetarian to avoid offending them. They are thrilled Gavin’s getting married and want to do everything for him: throw a party, meet the in-laws, pay for the wedding. Stacey’s family is a little sadder, as her father passed away and there’s some mysterious unspoken hatred between her brother and her uncle. Her mother (Melanie Walters) isn’t so thrilled at the sixth engagement, but she warms up to it. Uncle Bryn (Rob Brydon) is a neighbor and steps in as acting father. He’s a comical character a couple years behind the time with technology. The families, and indeed Gavin & Stacey’s relationship, are not without problems, but basically represent a wholesome, mother-approved, jim-jams with footies, cup o’ cocoa with marshmallows sort of love.




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