Nidiot, Jon Richardson

JONRICHARDSON_NIDIOT_UK_IE_ENG_DVD_3D_PACKSHOT_8300048-11_tempNidiot is comedian Jon Richardson’s second standup DVD. It kicks off with The Countdown Kid introducing him and Jon skillfully tossing a cowboy hat across a stage and onto a mic stand (by skillfully, I mean they edited out an embarrassing number of takes where he missed). A “nidiot,” as the DVD menu screen explains, is someone who over-thinks things, unlike an idiot who under-thinks things. For example, Jon Richardson talked himself out of having a wank under a willow tree in the middle of nowhere because he reasoned that if a body is found here someday, his DNA will be all over the crime scene.

Most people would rather admit they watch porn than buy this DVD.  –Matt Forde

Nidiot features all brand new material, just written this year. The DVD is recorded at one of 82 nights of the tour, this one being one of the two sold-out nights at the Hammersmith Apollo. The backdrop includes a wave form that reacts to laughter and black gloss mirrors. The DVD recording is slightly different than other nights on the tour because they have to light the audience to get those reaction shots. Jon says he finds it interesting to see the audience because he thinks about how much their laughter is based on their background, who they’ve come with, how they got their ticket, etc. Is he over-thinking it?



Jon Richardson is a standup comedian. His memoir is It’s Not Me, It’s You!. He stars in the documentaries A Little Bit OCD and The Real Man’s Road Trip. He is a team captain on 8 Out of 10 Cats.  @RonJichardson


There is a lot of America material for you anglonerds because it turns out that his trips to America have had a huge effect on him, and I don’t just mean the time that his friend Matt Forde puked and laughed at the same time on their second trip to New York. Filming The Real Man’s Roadtrip with Sean Lock turned Jon vegetarian. He also found happiness when his friend lost his hat on a drunken speedboat party in America.

Well, okay, maybe the real happiness came from finding his fiancee Lucy, who he was set up with by some friends. Not knowing how to deal with this, he panicked and invited her on holiday to Portugal, where he spent the whole trip being violently ill….and yet they’re still together. This is a critical turn for the man who wrote a book about how he was undatable. In the commentary, he notices his shirt is too tight because happiness has given him a belly, and Matt Forde claims fretting burns calories. But don’t worry. Jon’s happiness hasn’t made him boring.

After the amazing apple anus train story in Funny MagnetJon delights us with another train story, concluding, “You can’t even get on a train anymore without getting someone else’s insides on you.” If you’re not into puke jokes, this DVD is not for you. Aside from train vomit and Jon’s holiday illness, the commentary is no place for refuge either, as they detail the crimson puke of Matt Forde’s urinal episode in Gordon Ramsay’s restaurant and observe that “ralph” is more of an American term.

Yes, Matt Forde is back for another commentary track, and he is joined by an assortment of characters in half-assed impressions, such as Ed Miliband, Tony Blair, Boris Johnson, Gordon Ramsay, Jeremy Clarkson, Sean Lock, Alan Carr, and more. Jon theorizes that with his personality, he’s better suited to work in a factory where every day is the same rather than in the emotional roller coaster that is the comedy industry. He also unveils his intentions to move back north in the next five years.

Jaime Pond is the editor of She lives and works in NYC. Follow her on Twitter.

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