Amara Karan: People You Should Know

amarakaranAmara Karan is an actress whose debut came in the form of a Wes Anderson film, The Darjeeling LimitedShe has performed Shakespeare in the West End. She also carried the 2008 Olympic Torch in London.


Chandra Kapoor – The Night Of (2016)

the-night-of-dvd-angle-600px-423x600Americans will recognized Amara Karan from an American TV show called The Night Of, which premiered on HBO this summer. It’s actually an American remake of the British TV show Criminal Justice. Karan plays Chandra Kapoor, the assistant to attorney Alison Crowe. Chandra winds up leading the case in question, but gets herself fired for a snog.


Isabel – Ambassadors (2013)

bbcdvd392-copyIn Mitchell and Webb’s new three-episode comedy series Ambassadors, Amara Karan’s character Isabel works with Mitchell’s and Webb’s characters as the Trade and Political Secretary at the American Embassy in the fictional country of Tajbekistan.


Sangeet – A Fantastic Fear of Everything (2012)

afantasticfearofeverythingAmara Karan plays the love interest, Sangeet, in Simon Pegg-fronted goofy laundry mat comedy film, A Fantastic Fear of Everything, which is based on the novella by Withnail and I’s Bruce Robinson, Paranoia in the Launderettethe story of a crime writer whose phobias get out of hand but whose phobia of laundry is completely justified.

Read more about A Fantastic Fear of Everything >>>


Rita Afzal – Doctor Who (2011)

Doctor Who season 6 episode 11 (“The God Complex”) sees the Doctor and Amy Pond land in a creepy hotel for one of the greatest episodes of the season. Amara Karan plays Rita, a med student with a deep internal fear of her father for the shame that he can cause her and his high expectations for her. She is so observant that the Doctor nearly offers her the role of companion, but like many who get this offer, she is killed before the episode’s end.


Peaches – St. Trinian’s (2007)

mFQybxGK4Ng635H_A201MTASt. Trinian‘s is a bizarre teenage school comedy that is at first a boarding school coming-of-age story, then a heist flick, and then a quiz show feel good film. It stars Talulah Riley (Doctor Who‘s Miss Evangelista), as well as Colin Firth and also Rupert Everett playing both Riley’s dad and head mistress of the school. Russell Brand plays the school’s consulting criminal, and Stephen Fry is quiz show host. Amara Karan plays Peaches, one of the three students competing on the quiz show. While all the other students see the quiz show as a valuable distraction while they steal a famous painting, Peaches and her two friends deeply care about winning the game and accruing the fame and fortune that’s been promised to them.


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