Doctor Who: Flatline / The Eleventh Hour


The Eleventh Hour 5.1

There’s something in the wall. Little Amelia Pond, who mysteriously seems to have no family watching after her, is afraid of the crack in her bedroom wall, and little Amelia Pond is not afraid of much, least of all the man in the blue box who crashes in her back garden. This is the Doctor (#11, Smith) and he has just regenerated and is undergoing an investigation of his new limbs and new taste buds (after some experimentation, he discovers his new taste buds most prefer fish fingers and custard).

The Doctor pops off in his injured TARDIS, promising to return in just a moment, but the Doctor is infamous for his misdirection in landing his time machine: he always gets the place or the time a little wrong. This time, he lands in the same place, but years in the future when Amelia, now Amy (Karen Gillan), is in her early twenties. Dressed in her kiss-a-gram cop uniform, she handcuffs him to the radiator because she’s cross that he actually exists. She’s had to go through years of therapy after his mysterious visit.

The Doctor discovers something eerie about one of the rooms in her house, a house that is much too big for her. It seems to be shrouded in what Douglas Adams would have called a Somebody Else’s Problem effect, which shifts your attention subtly away from it. Upon snooping around, they discover a giant snake named Prisoner Zero, who has shape-shifted into a man and his dog. The light shining through the crack in Amy’s wall says that Prisoner Zero has escaped and if he does not return, the Atraxi will destroy the whole planet. The crack seems to be a hole to another dimension, but is really just a rift in time and space.

They meet up with Amy’s sort-of boyfriend Rory (Arthur Darvill), a nurse who has discovered the forms that Prisoner Zero is taking are coma patients. At the hospital, Prisoner Zero takes on the guise of Olivia Colman and children before knocking Amy into a coma and taking the guise of the Doctor and little Amelia Pond. The Doctor tricks the creature into taking its own shape, which is spotted by the Atraxi, who re-capture him. Whew!

But it’s not over yet. The Doctor calls the Atraxi back and scolds them for trying to boil the Earth. He tells them to check their records of any aliens who have come to Earth in the past and simply asks, “Is the Earth protected?” Doing a scan of the other aliens and other versions of the Doctor, the Atraxi run for their lives.


Flatline 8.9

There is something in the walls. The Bristol locals are getting spooked because people are going missing, leaving behind nothing but weird paintings of people, skin cells, and nervous systems. Are these homages to the missing or are they all that remains of them?

The Doctor (#12, Capaldi) drops Clara off home, but the Doctor is infamous for his misdirection in landing his time machine: he always gets the place or the time a little wrong. This time, he lands in Bristol, where Clara meets Rigsy, a graffiti writer burdened with community service, who fills her in on the mysterious disappearances. But the Doctor can’t join in the fun this time, as the TARDIS has shrunk so small, he can’t get out. It’s up to Clara to become “the Doctor” and even teaches Rigsy about running away.

Investigating the house of someone who’s disappeared and the eerie painting left on the wall, Clara and Rigsy discover that there really is something in the walls, creatures from another dimension, the second dimension to be exact. They don’t understand three dimensions and are mutilating bits of the world in order to study it. The Doctor theorizes they may not realize they are hurting people, but after a failed communication attempt with them, he decides they are probably evil and should be killed before they destroy the Earth.

They meet up with the rest of the community service folk and escape into the tunnels where the Boneless, as the Doctor will later name them, get a handle on three dimensions and stalk through the tunnels in the warped guises of the people they’ve killed. Clara and Rigsy trick the creatures into fixing the TARDIS and bringing it back to its full-size phone box shape. The Doctor is on the scene. Whew!

But it’s not over yet. The Doctor confronts the Boneless and gives a speech, very much like #11 in The Eleventh Hour. Before blasting them all away to their own dimension, he warns them “You are not welcome here. This plane is protected.”


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