Paterson Joseph Inside the TARDIS

Paterson Joseph played Rodrick in the two “Bad Wolf” episodes of Doctor Who.

patersonjoseph2I was not a massive Doctor Who fan. I always found the Doctor quite a scary character, not a friendly character, and I rather liked that about him, that he was a bit ambiguous, that he was like your older uncle but actually a little bit dodgy, and you didn’t really understand what he knew, but you knew he knew a lot of stuff. You didn’t quite know where he’d lead you or what would happen. You knew it was going to be safe, but you also knew it was going to be dangerous.

But what I was surprised about was when I went to Cardiff to do it, when I got on set, they said, “Would you like to see the TARDIS?” They sort of whispered it to me like it was the greatest secret in the world. I was like “Yeah, okay, fine,” and I thought I should actually sound a bit more enthusiastic, so I said, “Yeah yeah yeah–Show it to me!” It was only when they led me to it, and showed me the interior that I went, “Wow! This is amazing. I am actually standing in the TARDIS!” and then I thought I can see why this is extraordinary. 

And the other thing, as well, being killed by a Dalek, everybody should try it. I suppose in the olden days they might have been pushed around or pulled around by invisible strings, but they are motorized vehicles basically and they’re about six foot tall, and I’m only 5’8″, so it was, I have to say, rather intimidating to have this thing coming at me. They are massive, and they are solid, and it was very scary, but really good fun, and I am very glad that I got disintegrated by a Dalek.

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