10 People You Almost Didn’t Recognize in the IT Crowd

Graham Linehan

grahamlinehanKeep your eyes peeled in “50:50” when Jen goes on a disastrous date with the man she failed in phoning a friend on a TV game show. The Mexican restaurant is teeming with songsters and clowns. One of the singers is played by none-other than show creator and head writer Graham Linehan. Linehan has the habit of showing up in his shows, as well as shows of others, such as Iannucci’s Alan Partridge, which was being edited next door to Linehan’s Father Ted.


Charlie Baker

Hailing from Devon, Charlie Baker is a comedian and musician/singer. You’ve probably seen him pop up on various panel shows and standup specials. In The IT Crowdhe appears in “Jen the Fredo” as executive Phil, who joins Moss and Roy for an unnecessarily emotional role-playing game.


Peter Serafinowicz

peterserafinowiczIn addition to his acting, like that in Spaced or Shaun of the Dead, Serafinowicz is probably most known for his voice work, particularly as Darth Maul in Star Wars (though has admitted he wasn’t wild about the outcome of that project). Serafinowicz lends his voice at least three times in season 1 of The IT CrowdYou’ll recognize him as the voice of the lift in episode 1 (“Yesterday’s Jam”), the voice over in “Calamity Jen,” and as the newsreader in “Aunt Irma Visits. 


Ben Moor

benmoorComedian and author Ben Moor is known for his delightful, thoughtful one-man shows with a fictional narrative. He is somewhat less well known for the book versions of those shows, but well worth a purchase. He’s a character actor who pops up in everything from Count Arthur Strong and Alan Partridge to Casanova and The Three Musketeers. In The IT Crowdhe plays Newton in “The Internet is Coming,” where Jen becomes famous on the internet for being a racist. Ben Moor also appears as Paul in “Calendar Geeks.”

Adam Buxton

You will, of course, remember the hysterical season 1 finale where Moss tells Jen’s date Bill that she is dead in effort to dump him for her. This goes horribly wrong and poor Bill is left to assume that every time he sees her thereafter, she is a ghost. Bill is, of course, played by Adam Buxton, a popular radio comedian, alongside Attack the Block director Joe Cornish, and actor in films like Hot Fuzz, Randall & Hopkirk (Deceased), Son of Rambowand Stardust.

Alice Lowe

In “50:50,” Roy goes on what he considers a successful date with a beautiful woman named Patricia only to discover he has chocolate on his forehead, which she assumed was shit. Patricia is played by the brilliant comedic actress, star if Sightseers and My Life in Filmas well as several sketch shows.


Amelia Bullmore

You’ve definitely seen Amelia Bullmore in stuff, from Alan Partridge and Twenty Twelve to a smattering of sketch shows like Jam, Big Trainand It’s Kevin to State of Play and Ashes to Ashes and beyond. In “Smoke and Mirrors,” Bullmore plays Helen Buley, Jen’s idol she fails to impress when Moss’ newly invented bra she’s wearing overheats, making her come across as a stripper hired as a prank.


Alex MacQueen

In “The Return of the Golden Child,” when Denholm unexpectedly jumps out his office window upon the arrival of the police, the office finds themselves at his funeral where Alex MacQueen plays the unnecessarily over-dramatic vicar. There is an amazing flail-fight between the vicar and Denholm’s son Douglas. MacQueen is an actor’s actor–well respected by fellow show biz people–who appears in many films and television shows, such as The Thick of It and The Inbetweeners


Kevin Eldon

eldonKevin Eldon is one of these actors who turns up in everything. In fact, I think he’s turned up on every single “10 People You Didn’t Recognize in…” post that Anglonerd’s ever done up to this point. In “Bad Boys,” Jen has to phone tech support because her laptop is so toxic with viruses, even Roy can’t sort it out. The tech guy has a heavy French accent, satirizing the common experience of phoning tech support and not being able to understand anything.


Benedict Wong

Benedict Wong’s career is split between British sitcoms like Sean Lock’s 15 Storeys High or The Wrong Mans and doing big budget science fiction films like Prometheus, Sunshineand most recently The MartianIn “The Final Countdown,” where Moss becomes a contestant on gameshow CountdownWong plays Prime, the winner of the 16th Countdown Teapot. He welcomes Moss into a secret club of previous Countdown contestants.



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