News: Richard Herring Sitcom Test Scenes in the Works

richardherringWhen it was announced that the time-traveling Goodnight Sweetheart TV show was coming back for a one-off to celebrate its sixtieth anniversary, the internet took to Twitter to inform comedian Richard Herring of this shocking news. Why? Because he’s obsessed with the sitcom. In his Metro column in 2013, he wrote, “Having rewatched all 58 episodes at least three times, I can tell you that my initial scathing analysis was pretty much on the button. It’s a tantalising disappointment.”

With so much area left unscratched about a repairman living a double life, one in the present and one in the past, Herring is setting out on a new project that explores deeper the ideas in Goodnight Sweetheart, as well as ideas behind Sliding Doors and Quantum Leap. According to Chortle, his script for a new sitcom titled Everything Happens (for no reason) is having test scenes taped for Channel 4. Hopefully this will lead to a series. Good luck, Richard!

Here is what Herring has to say about his project in his blog last year:

The sitcom is an attempt to do a “proper” alternate universe situation and includes big nods to all the shows that I love and love to hate like Goodnight Sweetheart (the couple in it are called Gary and Phoebe, but in this case it’s Phoebe who gets to explore “safe” cheating in an alternate world – Phoebe’s surname is Pidgeon, as a further nod to the bird-based surname of GS’s protagonist), Sliding Doors (the gate keeper to the other world’s is vociferously angry about this film), Quantum Leap (I’ve put a little “Oh Boy” after the first journey to an alternate reality) and even Total Recall (I am sure there will be a “you think this is the real Quaid” moment at some point if the idea goes to series. In many ways this is the series I was born to write, but that doesn’t mean that the powers that be will want to make it (and it’s much too complex for me to do on my own). It’s a big idea, but what I think is hopefully good about it is that it is really about human relationships and human choices and human regrets. And I want to properly explore the mechanics of having an affair in a situation that your partner can never find out about (I think Goodnight Sweetheart went for farce on this, rather than considering the real implications on one’s happiness). Would you feel OK about it if you knew you couldn’t be caught, or would the guilt still eat away at you? Is it just the danger of discovery that makes having an affair exciting and terrifying at the same time? (you know, I imagine).


Sources: Warming Up Jan. 24, 2016 / Chortle / BBC / Metro


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