News: Stewart Lee’s Brexit TV Script

stewartlee2Comedian Stewart Lee’s most recent book, Content Provider, was released as his television show Stewart Lee’s Comedy Vehicle was not renewed for a fifth season. Lee had been waiting for his show to be cancelled before finishing and publishing the book. Now that the book and standup/sketch TV show are both ended, what will Lee turn his attention toward next? Will he focus more on touring his standup? (He is currently performing his show by the same title as his new book.) Will he work more on his narrative writing? (I’m currently reading his chapter in the excellent Dead Funny Encore compendium.) What’s next for Stew?

Lee has revealed to the Times that he’s written a script for a new TV show inspired by Brexit. Beyond the Joke reports:

In September he wrote a 90-page script in three days and is now working on it with production company Two Brothers, who made The Missing for the BBC. He says that part of the joke is that it is a left-wing take on events. “It’s like a sort of Comic Strip Presents . . . thing.”


Sources: British Comedy Guide | The Times | Beyond the Joke

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