News: Robin Ince Lands Science Book Deal

ince-drawing1According to Chortle, comedian and science communicator Robin Ince is writing two comedy science books, I’m A Joke… And So Are You (September 2017, Atlantic Books) and Happiness Through Science (2018). The latter is titled after one of his live shows and DVD.

The first book is inspired by the radio documentary he did called Tears of a Clown, which is about mental health of comedians. In his blog, Ince writes:

I was writing it on tour with Brian Cox, and being reasonably thorough. Then, one morning in Bristol, I woke up and Donald Trump was President Elect and I slumped into an expansive period of “what’s the bloody point of creating anything”…. Now I realise that inaction through existential gloom is just what the hard right are relying on to embolden their agenda of spite and venality, so it is time to type again.

This will be his third book, following Robin Ince’s Bad Book Club. He is also editor of the two Dead Funny volumes. He is also co-host, with Josie Long, of the Book Shambles podcast.


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