News: Code of a Killer comes to Acorn.TV

Code of a Killer.jpg
Image used with permission of Acorn.TV

A while back, I reviewed the TV movie Code of a Killer, the Alec Jeffreys bio pic depicting the first time DNA fingerprinting was used in an active murder investigation. Until now, it’s really only been available in the U.S. if you have a region-free DVD player, but thanks to the online streaming subscription service Acorn.TV, you can watch the movie without a region-free DVD player or geo-blocker. Acorn is just $5/month and is chalk-full of British dramas and comedies, from Peep Show and Father Ted to Casanova and Chasing Shadows.

What I like most about this movie, other than it being a science bio pic, which I’m strangely into these days, is that it reunites John Simm and David Threllfall, who starred as roommates in the 1994 sitcom Men of the World.


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