Men of the World

If you’re in America, you might not have heard of the sitcom Men of the World starring John Simm and David Threlfall. The Odd Couple flatmate scenario is a classic device for sitcoms. It just works, and Men of the World is no exception. Simm plays Kendle, a twenty-something just starting to figure out what life’s all about. His flatmate (and co-worker at the travel agency) Lenny is older and should be the father figure, but he’s too incompetent and childish to even try. Definitely worth a look. Plus, super catchy theme song. There’s a petition going on to get Men of the World on DVD.

Mainly, if you’re a fan of Simm’s recent work, like BBC America’s Intruders, or Prey, The Village, Mad Dogs, Life on Mars, or his role as the Master in Doctor Who, you may be amused to see this early turn in his career. You’ve also seen Threlfall in TV shows like What Remains and movies like Hot Fuzz. Plus, Simm and Threlfall reunited in the 2015 TV movie Code of a Killer.


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