Lovesick season 2

d90de80ff5a83bd164637a815f01f38789b15409-e1481916015854Lovesick (2014-2016) is a British rom-com starring Johnny Flynn, Antonia Thomas, and Daniel Ings. Season 1 was called Scrotal Recall. It was rebranded for season 2 when Netflix commissioned it without the original broadcaster, Channel 4. Season 2 has 8 episodes at about 25 minutes each. It streams exclusively on Netflix.


British singer-songwriter Johnny Flynn is back as the sappy, chlamydia-riddled romantic Dylan, who is using his disease as an excuse to track down all his old girlfriends to figure out what went wrong with his love life (and obviously inform them that they should get tested, too). He’s in love with his best friend Evie (Antonia Thomas), and she’s in love with him, but they are never single at the same time, so they can’t explore their secret feelings for each other. Just as much attention in season 2 is given to their friends and sometimes roommates Luke (Daniel Ings) and Angus (Joshua McGuire), two characters who shed their superficiality and nerdiness respectively and show some real depth.

Although I do remember binge-watching the entire season 1 of Scrotal Recall (now called Lovesick) in one sitting, I had forgotten how much better this show is than the average rom-com. Firstly, there’s the flashback structure that remains consistent with season 1. In the present, Evie is engaged to Mal (Richard Thomson), and Dylan is developing a real relationship with Abigail (Hannah Britland). But in the past, it’s anyone’s guess. Dylan and Evie are in and out of relationships every six months. We see how they first met, as well as Luke’s transformation from a relationship man to a one-night-stand guy.

The humor is turned up a notch. Yes, there are some jokes about pooping in the woods, wanking on the patio, and eating magic mushrooms, but somehow they work in this straightforward, not-too-low-brow comedy. Angus hiding in the grocery store freezer because he’s tripping on shrooms and Luke waking up every hotel guest in the middle of the night because he’s trying to find a girl he saw in the sauna reaches peak hilarity.

Although season 2 gains a lot of ground in the backstory and evolution of Dylan and Evie’s non-relationship, all is not resolved by episode 8, leaving the door open for a season 3. Lovesick season 1 and 2 are a definite recommend.



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