News: Jerry Springer – The Opera in NYC

I don’t believe this. Yesterday, the New York Times reported that the stage musical Jerry Springer – The Opera, which was written by Stewart Lee and fellow Cluub Z pal Richard Thomas, is coming to New York City for the first time, even though it came out in London more than ten years ago.

stewartlee2If you are not familiar with the drama surrounding this play, I refer you to Lee’s standup comedy, in particular 90s Comedian, which seems to be written as a reaction to the bad press he received for doing the show. Don’t get me wrong: people liked it, it won awards. But it also received picketing and accusations of blasphemy (Satan is one of Jerry’s guests). The point of 90s Comedian, then, is that if you’re going to put your religious icon out there for everyone to see, don’t be surprised when it ends up in places you didn’t expect.

All that said, I’m not exactly a fan of Jerry Springer – The Opera. (I have it on DVD.) As much as I love Stewart Lee, this musical is just not my thing. Not because of blaspheme or whatever, but Jerry Springer is hard enough to stomach without the singing and dancing. But lots of people like the play. (Lots of people like Jerry Springer.) So it may be your cup of tea. Check it out. It comes to New York around November 2017 from the New Group.


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