As Yet Untitled

Alan Davies: As Yet Untitled is comedian Alan Davies’ roundtable talk show. First of all, he has excellent guests: Jessica Hynes, Stephen Mangan, Jo Brand, Bill Bailey, Jon Ronson, David O’Doherty…need I go on? Secondly, the show is very low concept. Davies is given some anecdotal prompts ahead of time, but it’s really just chit-chatting and telling stories for an hour. At the end, they come up with a title based on something someone said. It’s all very relaxed and funny. Unfortunately, this show still isn’t on DVD and only exists for Americans in few-and-far-between illegal uploads or through Channel Dave with a geo-blocker (also technically illegal). There are many promotional clips on YouTube. I really enjoyed listening to Noel Fielding talk about how he went missing from his own tour and they found him the next morning working in a shop. I enjoyed the French riff between Kevin Eldon and Bill Bailey. And Lee Mack breaking a wing mirror with an aroused horse in season 3. There is also a free audio podcast version, which contains a tiny bit of the show before launching into the bits that had been cut from broadcast.



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