Best of Seeso – July 2017

Seeso is a subscription streaming service comedy comprised of hilarious, never-before-seen originals, quotable classics, next-day TV, hours of stand-up specials, bingeable library shows, and so much more. Subscribe for just $3.99/month. Here are some of Anglonerd’s favorite Seeso offerings that are currently available. Listings are subject to change month to month.


The IT Crowd / Count Arthur Strong

grahamlinehanTwo great introductions to British television, Graham Linehan’s The IT Crowd follows computer nerds through surreal situations in a classic sitcom (in front of a live audience) format. Linehan later helped Steve Delaney adapt his radio show into the Count Arthur Strong TV series about an out-of-work actor with visions of grandeur. You can also get The IT Crowd on Hulu and Count Arthur Strong on Acorn TV.
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oliviacolman2Okay, so I haven’t seen Flowers yet, but I’ve been dying to see it. A dark comedy starring Olivia Colman and Julian Barratt? Yes, please! If you like Julian Barratt, Seeso also has The Mighty Boosh.



Alan Partridge

2017-cooganAlan Partridge is a staple comedy character in Britain. He started off as a spin-off character from On the Hour (radio) / The Day Today (TV), getting the limelight in the first Partridge series Knowing Me, Knowing You, a spoof television series starring Steve Coogan as Alan Partridge. In 1997, Partridge switched formats and became a TV sitcom called I’m Alan Partridge and later Mid Morning Matters with Alan Partridge. Seeso is currently offering Knowing Me, Knowing You; I’m Alan Partridge; and Mid Morning Matters with Alan Partridge, as well as Partridge specials. That’s a lot of Alan!
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Nathan Barley

Chris Morris does the darkest of dark television shows, and America is already familiar with the darkness of Charlie Brooker through his Black Mirror. Together, Morris and Brooker create a 2005 sitcom about a vlogger named Nathan Barley who is trying to be cool in a society of idiots.


Fawlty Towers / Monty Python

johncleeseAnd of course, Seeso has the classic comedies, like Monty Python’s Flying Circus and Fawlty Towers.



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