81xolj1h78l-_sy445_Whites (2010) is a TV show starring Alan Davies, Darren Boyd, and Katherine Parkinson. Isy Suttie and Stephen Wight also star. There is one season, a total of six episodes. It’s available on AcornTV and Hulu.


QI captain Alan Davies stars as the executive chef in white, Roland White, at the White House country hotel. I wonder why they call it Whites.

In the first episode of this sitcom, Roland is more occupied with getting a book deal than he is with the menu, one that, according to Katherine Parkinson’s character Caroline, needs to include a vegetarian option. But if the first draft of his memoir is anything to go by, he’s a man obsessed with the blood and carnage side of meat preparation.

Meanwhile, his sous-chef Bib (Darren Boyd) is finally given his wish when Roland hires him an apprentice to help around the kitchen. However, Bib wasn’t expecting the apprentice to try to take his sous-chef job so quickly. The job isn’t the only thing Skoose (played by Stephen Wight: seriously, enough with the “whites”!) has his eye on. He’s gone all doey-eyed for incompetent server Kiki, played by Peep Show‘s Isy Suttie.

Whites is fine as a show. It’s not brilliant, but it has a good cast and consistent characters. Roland is a terrible person, but you aren’t turned away by his lack of involvement with the suffering staff members. You latch onto Bib instead, the hard worker. As a stand alone sitcom, it pales in comparison to others of the genre, but I think someone who’s worked in a kitchen before would like it best. They could laugh at all the details the writer got right, as it is based on the writer Matt King’s time working in a kitchen at Hanbury Manor. I wouldn’t know, though. If Ratatouille is accurate, then this kitchen looks spot-on.



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